serving science through innovation

Our Vision

We are lead by innovation and passion.This is how we contribute to the progress of science.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with innovative products and customised services, responding rapidly to their needs.We are trusted and reliable partners in Life Science and Diagnostics to improve people’s lives.

Customers first!

At Euroclone, our clients are our top priority. We are dedicated to providing them with a comprehensive customer experience, from pre-sales to post-sales support. In pursuit of this goal, we consistently deliver innovative solutions and premium services tailored to meet both short and long-term customer needs. Our customer-centric approach not only enhances satisfaction but also generates value across our entire company, benefiting all stakeholders.

Our History

Euroclone was founded in 1985 through the consolidation of various biomedical business endeavors initiated by proactive individuals. Its introduction to the Italian market marked a significant milestone, swiftly establishing the company as a cornerstone for the scientific community. This provided invaluable access to a comprehensive range of products and equipment in Biotechnology, later expanding into medical and diagnostic domains. Over the ensuing two decades, Euroclone's leadership approach has not only endured but also evolved, enhancing its reputation as a dependable and steadfast partner within the scientific community.

Emphasis has been placed on expanding into foreign markets, prioritizing the development of innovative products. Today, Euroclone retains the same 'passion' from its inception in 1985 as CELBIO, coupled with a growing interest in cutting-edge sectors and technologies, both through internal R&D and partnerships with reputable manufacturers worldwide.

Continuing its evolution as a modern supplier, Euroclone not only distributes products but also markets its own brand, solidifying its role as a primary supplier for numerous research laboratories, medical, clinical, and industrial centers. With unwavering commitment to improvement, Euroclone stands as a collaborative partner for those navigating the biotechnology landscape.

Offering innovative products, services, and solutions in Molecular and Cell Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, Cytogenetics, and Agro-Food Diagnostics, Euroclone is your trusted partner from product selection to after-sales support, addressing your scientific challenges with reliability and steadfastness.

In 2019, Euroclone was acquired by AddLife AB, integrating into a prominent international group. This transition ensures continuity and further expansion in the Italian and international markets, preserving the proprietary brand as a key and distinctive element of Euroclone's identity.