Euroclone was established in 1998 by combining under a single property the various business activities started by individual active managers in the biomedical sector.

Euroclone's entry into the Italian market has been a real milestone as the company quickly became a reference point for the scientific community, providing a precious opportunity to gain access to a world of products and equipment in the field of Biotechnology. Later on, Euroclone became familiar even with the medical and diagnostic fields. The leader approach has remained unchanged and eventually improved over the next two decades, reinforcing the image of Euroclone as a reliable and solid partner for the entire scientific community.

Particular attention has also been paid to the expansion of foreign markets with the aim of giving greater emphasis to the development of innovative products. It is a fact that Euroclone today retains the same "passion" of the early days (since 1985, when it was known as CELBIO) with a clear and growing interest in innovative sectors and technologies, both from internal R&D and through private label/OEM with qualified manufacturers worldwide.

Euroclone continues its evolution as a modern supplier of products not only distributed but also under its own brand, thus reconfiguring its key supplier position for a large number of research laboratories, medical, clinical and industrial centers, with the same passion and willingness to improve, but above all as a collaborative partner for those who work in the biotechnology world.

Euroclone provides innovative products, services and solutions for Molecular and Cell Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, Cytogenetics and Agro-Food Diagnostics.From the choice of high-quality products to the after sales service, Euroclone is your reliable and solid partner for your scientific challenges.

In 2019 Euroclone is acquired by AddLife AB becoming part of an important international group. This step ensure continuity and further expansion of the company in the Italian market and in the export of the proprietary private lines, key and distinctive element of the identity of Euroclone. We are lead by innovation and passion.This is how we contribute to the progress of science.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with innovative productsand customised services, responding rapidly to their needs.We are trusted and reliable partners in Life Science and Diagnostics to improve people’s lives.

Our Vision

We are lead by innovation and passion.This is how we contribute to the progress of science.

Customers first! 

At Euroclone our clients are our priority. We strive to offer them a full customer experience, from pre to after sales steps.To achieve our goal, we always guarantee innovative solutions and first-rate services that meet both our customers short and long-term needs. Our customer centric approach has a positive impact on all our company creating value that benefits every stakeholder.